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Process Automation

An intuitive solution that works the way you do.
Empower your front end workforce with simple process automation tools that allow you to capture information easily and accurately.

Collect information quickly, accurately and effortlessly.

Voice-to-text, photo and video data capture allow for simple and rapid capture of content you need to collect from any location at any time with complete accuracy. Moisture readings can be quickly captured and the effectiveness of equipment monitored.
What I saw was a tip of the iceberg - we've used a lot of pack out systems but to be able to do it on the phone, in a way that was user friendly, and was really quick to have up and working just blew me away. When I saw it in action, I thought this is brilliant. We've used other systems but Encircle has really figured it out.
Matt MolsonLEDA Restoration

Simplify your existing processes.

Easy automation of your existing processes means sketches can be made as if you were drawing on paper, reports can be generated with the tap of a single button and digital signatures can be collected immediately.

Organize your Information.

Document your project in a way that allows you to categorize and retrieve information easily. Make it easy for everyone to find and access a complete library of information at any time.

Collaboration Tools

Sharing information in a way that is visible, accurate and accessible for everyone.
Collaboration tools allow for visibility across the team and across locations at every stage of a project. Build trust and transparency while you reach your customers and partners faster. Readings and measurements include visual indicators and helpful trends. A library of all your information can be easily and immediately shared with others and integrations make it easy to share information across other systems.
Being able to document the loss, attach notes and instructions on how to proceed in real time and share this with contractors, eliminates a huge amount of back and forth calls and emails that take up so much time.
Kate NelsonAdjuster at Gore Mutual

Reporting & Analytics

A smart reporting engine that conveys smart results.
Our automated and easy to use reporting engine allows you to increase customer satisfaction and convey a personalized professional image. And we do it in a way that is easy and fast - allowing you to generate reports with tap of a single button. PDF or Excel reports can be easily set up with your own branding, allowing for almost effortless yet customized reports.
Before we had Encircle, we would take all the photos on site, download them when we got back to the office, put them into the report, and then type up the report. With Encircle when you walk out of the house you're done. It's a big increase in efficiency because it builds the report for you as you document the claim. Just click and you're done.
Tamara RoyProserve DKI

Introducing Moisture Measurement & Tracking

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