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For insurance organizations the key to reducing timelines, improving productivity and delivering better customer service is by re-inventing your processes. Easy to use and adopt automation tools ensure that everyone in the field from policyholders to adjusters, restoration contractors to insurance associates underwriters can quickly collect and share information at every stage in the claim process, inspection or assessment. This means dramatically reduced timelines and costs while delivering a more transparent, trusted and better overall customer experience. Accelerating your business and driving greater business results.
From pre-loss to post-loss, loss preventation, inspection and underwriting to first notice of loss and the claims management process, Encircle provides one solution to empower the every role in the insurance ecosystem at every stage of a claim.

Product Benefits

With Encircle for Insurance you can:
Reduce cycle times by empowering customer facing representatives with simple productivity tools that will reduce the amount of administration and back and forth communications throughout the loss prevention, risk assessment, inspection, or claims process
Reduce claim and other expenses with visual and location based documentation that ensures the accuracy of the claim and helps to eliminate claim leakage or soft fraud
Improve customer service and loyalty with policyholders through a faster more accurate process that keeps everyone informed at every stage whether it’s pre-loss and inspection or post loss
Streamline process and improve collaboration with a single solution that is available across the entire insurance ecosystem – creating trust and transparency for all

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