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For restoration contractors, the ability to compete and win new business comes down to how quickly and effectively you can respond to a claim. The key to improving your productivity and winning more business is through easy to use and therefore easy to adopt automation tools. Encircle offers an alternative to the complicated software systems and paper-based tasks you may have used in the past. Our technology is simple to use but delivers powerful results. A digital assistant that allows you to easily capture, share and report so that you can respond quickly and drive real business impact.

Product Benefits

With Encircle for Restoration Contractors you can:
We need to be faster and more efficient to win more business which is why we were one of the first to adopt Encircle. With our old process we would go out to the site, take photos, go back to the office and build the file, fire up the laptop and then send it. It was a long process and we couldn’t share or see the information easily. Now we document and share things right away — like sharing the cause of loss with the adjuster while we’re still on site — which is a big benefit for them. This makes it pretty easy for everybody. We can save the insurance company money and get more business at the same time.
Chuck StewartLead Estimator, Golden Triangle Restoration
Avoid being intimidated by technology with tools that are easy to learn and simple to use
Rapidly capture information in real time — video, photos or voice to text — with tools built for the way you work
Ensure the highest level of accuracy and transparency and ensure there are no errors or hidden costs with visual evidence based documentation
Share a library of information so you can collaborate with teams and other stakeholders anytime, anywhere
Generate customized professional reports that send the message that you are efficient and professional
Win more business by delivering accurate information quickly and efficiently

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