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The platform where security was built in from the ground up.

Encircle Security Overview

A comprehensive outline of how Encircle securely stores your data.
Encircle manages data for insurance companies, restoration contractors and many others.

Data Storage and Access

We understand that your data is sensitive and important to you.
We understand that your data is sensitive and important to you - whether you are storing pictures of your home or storing claims information for a large insurance company. We built the Encircle platform from the ground up with proper security so that you could feel confident that your data was safe.
All of your data is stored in Canada within a secure storage facility. To access your data, a user must be authenticated (email address and password). One of the key pieces of the Encircle platform is that we will only ever give you visibility to your data within our system based on your authentication credentials. Any actions that might be destructive (e.g. changing your password) will also ask you to confirm your password before making those changes.

Data Transfer for both Mobile and Web

Encircle securely transports your data at all times.
All data that you capture within the Encircle applications (mobile or web) will be automatically uploaded and stored within the Encircle cloud. All data transferred between your computer or phone and Encircle is fully encrypted using HTTPS to ensure that no one can read the information while in transit. The Encircle infrastructure will not accept any attempt to connect over HTTP.
Using our web app on your desktop, changes will be uploaded automatically in real time. Using mobile you can see the device synchronize changes with our servers when it has access to the mobile or WiFi network.


Encircle never stores your password.
Your Encircle password is the primary means of protection for your account. It is important that you choose a strong password to protect your account. Encircle will NEVER store your password but rather only a secure representation of your password to ensure that only someone who knows the password can log into your account.
If you forget your password, you can reset it below.

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